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We provide comprehensive one-on-one therapeutic services to infants, children, adolescents, and young adults up to age 21 who have developmental delays and/or other diagnosed conditions. We provide summer therapy services to prevent regression in skills between school years.

Assess: Every child is carefully evaluated to determine the type of  impairments and functional limitations, the severity of the symptoms, and the most appropriate program for treatment. Evaluations are specifically designed to meet your child's unique needs and are devised to assess a wide range of concerns, including: your child's gross motor and fine motor development, speech and language skills, feeding issues, cognitive development, sensory processing, and behavioral issues.

Coordinate: Following evaluation, our therapists discuss your child's findings with you to develop a plan for treatment. The proposed therapy from our interdisciplinary team may include direct treatment, parent teaching, a home program and/or consultation and coordination with your child's current school.

Develop: Through our interdisciplinary approach, we strive to help your child progress in all areas of development, working to maximize his/her functional potential. 



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