About Us

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Medical Support Services, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Mary Ann Maiers, a pediatric therapist whose goal was to provide the highest quality comprehensive rehabilitation services to children. Through the years Medical Support Services has grown from a traveling therapy agency working with children and their families in their homes to a full service outpatient treatment center. Today Medical Support Services provides children in Southeast Wisconsin a full range of outpatient rehab therapy services.

Our Staff

Medical Support Services provides a team approach of multiple disciplines. Our therapists are trained to work with all diagnoses from birth to young adult. Medical Support Services believes in early skilled intervention to achieve the highest quality of life. Once a child is referred to us, they are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. If therapy is recommended, our therapist will work with the client and their family to set up an individualized therapy program to enhance, challenge and encourage the client to increase their independence, enhance their health, and improve lifelong wellness.  We believe in coordination of cares with all healthcare providers involved in the child’s care.

Medical Support Services' professionals/therapists are licensed in the state of Wisconsin and specialize in pediatrics.  Many of our therapists are specifically trained and certified in NDT and SI principles to treat specific populations. Medical Support Services holds their therapists to a high level and in turn our therapists participate in yearly continuing education opportunities and advanced training.