Getting Started

Starting the therapy process

When calling Medical Support Services to begin therapy, our office staff will have to take some important information from you. First, we will need a referral from your child's pediatrician in order to go forward with scheduling an appointment for your child. Secondly, we will ask for demographic information and your insurance information. Additionally, we will want to identify your primary concerns. An initial evaluation will then be scheduled. We will check your insurance benefits and call you to go over them with you. 

When first arriving at our clinic please check in at the front  desk. You will be asked to sign a few forms as well as allow us to take a copy of your insurance card. 

The initial evaluation typically lasts approximately 60 minutes. For the evaluation, we request that parents and/or caregivers remain present in order for the therapist to obtain a medical history and current concerns. Testing will be completed to obtain a baseline status of the child.

At the end of the evaluation, the therapist will discuss areas of concern, baseline, and any recommendations they may have. The therapist may recommend therapy at this time. Depending on your insurance authorization, additional appointments can be set up at our front desk. We do our best to accommodate your schedule and coordinate with other disciplines.  

Therapy sessions

Our therapy sessions are 30-60 minutes depending on the discipline. Parents are welcome into our gym area to observe their child's therapy session. Some parents also choose to wait in our waiting room or leave the building. If a parent chooses to leave, we ask that the contact information we have is up to date. The therapist will review the therapy session with the parent and provide home programming ideas. 

Duration and discontinuation of therapy services

Every child responds to therapy differently. Deficits and impairments vary in severity. The therapist will recommend a frequency that is felt to be appropriate for the child. The therapist also develops long term and short term goals. Therapy will continue as progress is made toward the goals set for the child. If the child meets their goals, therapy will be discontinued. Therapy will also be discontinued if your child meets age appropriate levels or they are no longer benefiting from direct therapy services. The therapist continually assesses the maintenance programs, and if we feel the child can maintain the same level of function without direct intervention therapy will be discontinued. Upon discharge, the therapist will develop a home program to continue at home.