Patient Success Stories


"Red has made wonderful progress in OT. When he first began, he did not tolerate range of motion exercises and only used his right hand for task.  Now his range of motion has improved dramatically and he spontaneously uses his left arm and hand!  He has also gained a great amount of strength in his left hand and he can hold onto objects against resistance with left hand. For example, he can pull apart interlocking toys and remove paper towel from a paper towel roll using two hands.  His grasp on clothing has improved and he can now maintain a grasp on his pants with both hands as well as help put a coat on and off.  He is now able to maintain a grasp on small objects such as buttons with both hands and he has started using a shoe horn to remove his shoes. He has done amazing work! "-Alicia, OT
​​"Red receives PT, OT, and ST. Red has made a lot of gains because of therapy. He is becoming more well-rounded in all areas of development because of the help from his wonderful therapists. He has gained more strength, balance and better control of his body with PT and Ms. Alyssa was very helpful with Red's foot stretches which are needed to help keep his club foot from tightening up. He is also very fast now. We weren't sure if Red would be able to walk when he was younger and now we have a hard time keeping up with him. He is doing way more with his left hand which used to be in a closed fist position most of the time before therapy, thanks to Ms. Alicia. He is even using that hand to help with many different daily tasks and play activities at home and at school. He is also becoming more independent with self care routines like washing hands, dressing, helping with chores around the house and more. Red has a severe expressive speech delay but with the help of Ms. Chrissy, he is making improvements all the time. She has helped him work on verbal communication as well as learning how to use and navigate his communication device which takes a lot of time, practice and effort to use. He has learned so much from her and is learning new things all the time. I am very grateful to have such wonderful therapists in Red's life because without them, he would not be as successful as he is today. They do a great job helping Red to become more independent and confident in his abilities."-Amanda, Red's Mom
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"Nolan has been working with the therapists at Medical Support Services for about the last six months to help him overcome some of the obstacles he faces with day to day activities. His therapists are fantastic at adjusting their therapy methods to a style that suits him. Whether they block off their gym area to make it feel more like an enclosed space or incorporate balls into most activities he does, they find creative ways to keep him engaged. We have noticed such great improvement in his ability to use utensils when eating, climb stairs with assistance, more safely and efficiently eat table foods, as well as regularly use sign language to communicate with us his needs and wants. Nolan now knows over 20 signs, and that number is continuously increasing! Every time he completes a task successfully, he smiles ear to ear and enthusiastically claps his hands. His therapists admire his charisma and are always there clapping right along with him cheering him on. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication Nolan puts into not only his therapy, but everything he does at home as well. We truly enjoy the time we get to spend with his therapists and are happy they have become part of Nolan’s team to lead him to great success." -Ashley, Nolan's Mom ​​
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"Nate has demonstrated improved bilateral coordination to perform jumping, hopping, and skipping. Additionally, Nate has demonstrated great improvements with his balance through Aquatic Therapy. Moreover, he has improved his leg strength and core strength through all his hard work in the pool. His sense of adventure and imagination have evolved and always make each session wonderful!" - Nicole, PTA
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"We had so, so many gains since she started therapy here. I learned a lot from the therapists and try to include their precious advice and instructions every day in Sophia’s life. For that I’m so thankful. Without their help I wouldn’t know even where to start from. Thank you my lovely team. You guys are the best. "

-Ilham, Sophia's mom


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​"At age four Joey received a very special surgery that gave him his life and future! Joey was blessed to have wonderfully skilled doctors that were able to help Joey undergo a brain surgery at age four called a hemispherectomy. This surgery corrected his seizures and now he has been seizure free since 2010. Medical Support Services has been a big part of Joey's recovery as well as learning skills such as how to walk, run, talk, eat, and so much more! His therapists have been his angels from the beginning. Medical Support Services is Joey's extended family that not only gives him services but encouragement and support!"-Joey's Mom
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